martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013


- Design studios are quickly emerging with young and talented leaders

- You never get an agency intro that says “We pride ourselves on creating branded apps that no one wants and churning out banners that no one clicks on, we say yes to all our clients daft suggestions because we know it’s the easiest way to make money. Oh and you’re gonna leave here with nothing worth putting in your portfolio, fancy joining us?

- The talent is there, as is the desire, agencies can try to stop the bleeding and try create places where talented people want to use their skills to build great things for clients and users, or they’ll take their passion and curiosity somewhere else and be left with the deadwood.

- But months and months of the same old, soul-destroying, pointless shit for brands and clients who have no desire to do good work is toxic, not just for creatives (and our portfolios) but your entire staff.

- The place where you spend 8+ hours a day should be teaching you new skills and giving you hands-on experience and progressing you as a designer.

- Oh so you love being innovative so much that you never create anything internally? You’re creativity stops at client work does it? Do us a favour, stop the bullshit.

- individuals and small teams made stuff in hours, not weeks or months. These guys were armed with nothing more than a passion and desire for what they do. Pure, undiluted autonomy can produce amazing things for your business if you provide the right environment for it to happen and just get out of the way for a bit .

- Passion and engagement are contagious. But so is negativity and mediocrity. There’s nothing more brutal than watching C players bring down A players. And when your A players leave, who’s going to attract your future talent?

- Ahhh working til 9pm several days a week, it’s just the agency way of life right? Wrong, it’s bad management. Tell your account managers (or yourself) to stop selling things that can’t be completed unless we work ourselves to death.

- This is advertising we’re talking about, not some higher calling. Everything we make is forgotten about in 6 months. Who gives a shit?

- Fear becomes the driving force, the fear of missing a deadline, disappointing a client or wasting time trying to find inspiration. You begin churning out work and forget the reason why you wanted to be a creative in the first place.

- The Junior Creative who stayed late for 2 weeks getting the project out of the door, the account manager who endured weekend calls from the client asking to make a logo bigger, these guys are the agency heroes. ‘Thank you’ emails are great but they don’t come up in Google and you can’t link to them on blog or CV

- “ Ad agencies hide the people actually solving the client’s needs, the creatives..."

- Agencies are full of engaged people with ideas and passions, why not let them have dedicated time to blog?

- You don’t buy us decent equipment. This is a no brainer. Get your designers some big fucking screens. I’m sure 15-inches is fine for reading emails and renewing your golf club membership but for something slightly more critical to the business, like, you know, the actual work that brings in money, it’s gonna need to be bigger.

- Our job is to create, not worry about the ancient equipment you dragged out the cupboard. No designer wants to play ‘Guess whether Photoshop has crashed’ for half of the day.

- When one of the designers told me “I want to look after users, not brands”, I had no reply, he was right.

- “Learning how to think like this is like discovering halfway through your life as a flightless bird that you have wings and can fly. And once you discover it, there is no going back. It’s addictive and powerful. It ruins your ability to be a worker bee, because you’ve tasted blood: you become a killer bee, intent on understanding why things are the way they are, finding their flaws, and pushing the universe forward by fixing them.”

domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013


Apr. 6
I think that women can constantly can love men, when they are real. When you say give me and receive. After that, you give in yourself.
P.S. Give in meaning your soul. Because he is so strong, he can do everything.

Mar. 31
i'm so lost..will i ever find myself?..

Mar. 20
boys..why are you so silly?

Mar. 19
if you don't get lost, there is a chance you may never be found..

Mar. 18
life is very fragile, and its flow can easily be ruined.

Mar. 18
Why, sooner or later, love will die. What is even worst is if it will end earlier for my partner than for me.
It really hurts when someone stops loving you but you continue to love.
What's more important, to love or be loved? I can't seem to decide this question for myself. Overall, requited, real love is a big rarity.
If you build you relations only on that real requited love, you can sit through life in loneliness. Even the strongest love can disappear without a trace after a year, and then what? Reason says that it is better to be loved, but in life, we love more often than we are loved. To love, especially without return, is very hard, painful and takes away from the soul's strength.
My own fault ... that I allowed in... my own fault... that i fell in love ... my own fault that i didn't allow to spoil me ... my own fault ... that i allowed my heart to be broken own fault..
i wonna be with u!only u!i wonna share my life my bed with u!only u!i wonna love u!only u!!!

Mar. 11
don't hate me, I'm asking you, I feel it with all my heart, that we are close to each other like no one else on this earth..don't be silent, i'm asking you..don't be silent..My soul is missing you ... return, turn around, dear, bright, little sun..i can't breath without you, I think about you every minute..
I know what is it..I know why my other relationship didn't work out..cos i'm unpredictable...why r u afraid of it..?
my dream is to fly..oh my rainbaw is too high..

Mar. 7
people stop fighting..angels are crying...we can be better! is the answer!!
Why trample on my love

Mar. 6
A girl once asked a guy, does he think she is cute. He said no. She asked, would he want to be with her forever, and he said no. Then she asked him, if i left, would you cry and his answer was no. She heard enough. She turned around, to leave, tears running down her face. The guy took her hand and said, "You are not cute, you are beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I HAVE to. And I would not cry, if you left, I would die.
there's disorder! i don't have a home. I need an boss for there to be order

Feb. 18
If I am for others, then who is for me? And if I am for myself, then what am I for?

Jan. 30
I gave love and forgave hurt
Hid pain in my heart in anticipation of the miracle
You came again, you burst in like a bird
Forcing me to love and afraid of forgiveness
I forgave you like it was not once
Returned to you into the abyss of the gentle eyes
You left again, leaving in return
A castle of pink dreams and ruined walls
I gave you warmth, forgot about everything
Gave all that I had, only you didn't notice

Jan. 24
It hurts if someone took a part of me, mercilessly tore it out, stomped all over it...threw it out.