viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010


Tuve una revelación...

"My mum did it. I think she took me to all the occult creatures of Iceland, from the age of zero until I was eighteen, when I became a rebel anti-hippie. I got my fortune told and everything. I think I probably believe most of it, actually. I've got Pluto in a very important place, and that's what I'm about. I have to re-create the universe every morning when I wake up. And kill it in the evening, which is a bit outrageous, but there you go. Heee! Well, maybe not every morning, but maybe twice a year I have to destroy everything. I've also got my Moon in the twelfth house, in Scorpio, and my Sun in Scorpio in the first house, and also Neptune. Then on my other half, my generational picture, I've got Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, and my Midheaven is in conjunct with those two. Virgo is the sign of the nurse, so this means I was born to nurse my generation. I'm still fifty-fifty about whether this is true, but I was breast-fed on it."

Y eso es algo de lo que dijo Björk cuando la entrevistaron acerca de su carta astral... de ahí he sacado mi frase favorita.... 


Aquí dejo el link, por si quieren leer todo el artículo.

Au revoir.

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noek izardui dijo...

Me gusto tu blog,yo escribo pero en otra forma,plasmo pensamientos menos sonoros creo yo ajaja,de todas formas me gustaría invitarte a echarte la vuelta a mi blog para que leas lo que hago,un abrazo y buenas luciérnagas uva.